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Wedding Vows Las Vegas, provides officiate services to all couples. As an award-winning ordained minister, Judy Irving strives to create modern ceremonies with passion and reverence that are also fun. She caters to clients’ unique tastes and desires, while helping to lift the stresses of wedding planning. Judy is an attentive minister and an entertaining speaker, and happily includes traditions and rituals important to her clients in order to bring their wedding dreams to life. Open to all faiths and all peoples. Judy performs elegantly romantic ceremonies in a variety of settings around Las Vegas, from personal homes to destination venues, always ensuring that every ceremony reflects the unique beauty of each couple’s love.

Wedding Vows Las Vegas offers a variety of services including elopements, interfaith ceremonies, nonreligious ceremonies, civil unions, and vow renewals. Additionally, Judy provides services including customized vows, baby blessings, incorporating children into the marriage ceremony and storytelling (your unique story). (see Services)

Please fill out the contact page page and then call Judy at 702-245-6635.


And remember "Love doesn’t make the world go ‘round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” - Elizabeth Browning


Wedding Services

At Wedding Vows Las Vegas, size doesn’t matter. Whether you have a 16-person bridal party and 300 guests or it’s just the two of you, be assured you’ll get Judy’s personal touch to make your special day meaningful.

Most ceremonies run approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the wedding venue, the number of people in the bridal party and the rituals involved. You want it short enough to keep the groom happy, romantic enough to make the bride happy and meaningful enough to keep Grandma happy. Even in weddings that have no mention of God, family and guests come up to Reverend Judy afterward to share with her how touching the ceremony was.

  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister
  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister
  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister

  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister
  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister
  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister

Types of Services:

Traditional & non-traditional Weddings

The best Las Vegas wedding officiants will offer you a variety of options; but they will all center on your personal needs. So whether you are a traditional couple or non-traditional, different faiths, or none, we’d love to work with you!


One of the most fun things about being a Las Vegas wedding officiant is the large number of elopements we have here! So we’d love to assist you in finding the perfect location and since a Las Vegas marriage license requires one witness, we can also furnish that witness.

Elopement + Photography

Wedding Vows Las Vegas has partnered with a professional photographer to allow you to feel the excitement of eloping to Las Vegas plus create lasting memories to show your family and friends by combining these services. The photographer will cover the ceremony and then head out with you to nearby locations to record your fun with expert photos using beautiful Las Vegas as the backdrop. The photographs will then be sent to you on a CD after being professionally edited. Details here:

Commitment Ceremonies

are for those who don’t want to take the legal route, but do want to take the step of publically stating their commitment to each other and celebrating their intentions with friends and family.

Vow Renewals in Las Vegas

whether it’s 5 years or 50 years, renewing your vows to each other is a highlight in life. You may want to include your children in your wedding party. How often do we get to see our parents married (again to the same person)? We delight in hearing couple’s share what they’ve learned from the one another over the years. The Las Vegas Marriage Bureau now offers a Renewal Certificate for those wishing to commemorate their renewal. It’s not a legal document but a lovely reminder of your renewed love and commitment. The cost is $21.

Paperwork & Filing Only

Reverend Judy does offer this service, if you want a family member or friend to perform the ceremony and have Rev Judy sign and file the paperwork. She does have to be present for the ceremony due to licensing requirements. If it’s a medical emergency she will also come to you for expedited service.

Wedding Paperwork and Filing
Wedding Rituals

Reverend Judy has worked with a variety of rituals, which depending on your preference, you might want to include in your ceremony. Below are the most popular along with a sample video:

Unity Candle – • signaling (by the lighting of tapers) that the couple is bringing all they have been individually, into the marriage and are now becoming one (as they light the larger candle) – Example: VIDEO

Sand Ceremony – • This is similar to the Unity Candle ceremony; using one color of sand for the bride and another for the groom. These are poured together into a larger container to symbolize the two lives are now forever entwined. If there are children involved then usually each child will have a different color of sand. This is an excellent way to make children feel apart of the ceremony and the new family unit. Examples: VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2

Rose Ceremony – • This is an excellent way to say ‘thank you’ to parents and grandparents – early in the ceremony, roses are presented to each person the couple wants to show gratitude and respect for or they can be exchanged between the couple as seen here: VIDEO

Hand Blessing – • As the couple holds hands and looks into each other’s eyes; the Officiant reads a compassionate and endearing poem that sets the stage for many years to come. VIDEO

Breaking of the Glass – • The Jewish tradition of the breaking of the glass reminds us that love, like glass, is fragile and must be protected. A broken wedding glass is forever changed; likewise, the bride & groom will be forever changed by their marriage as their relationship takes on a new form. VIDEO

Wine Box Ceremony - • Wine is the universal symbol for the richness of life and the sweetness of love. Near the wedding day the couple will each write the other a love letter. The letters will then be placed in a ‘love box’, which holds a vintage bottle of wine along with a copy of the vows used during the wedding ceremony. The box is to be opened on every fifth wedding anniversary, the letters to be read and the wine to be savored; then replaced with new wine and new letters. Wine Box Ceremony: VIDEO

Additional rituals: • Butterfly release, Dove release, Coin Blessing, Veil Blessing, Cord Blessing, Jumping of the Broom, and Hand Bindings –

Butterfly release: VIDEO
Hand Binding: VIDEO
Dove Release: VIDEO
Jumping the Broom: VIDEO

Baby Blessings

Baby Blessings

Baby Blessings are one of Reverend Judy’s favorite ceremonies. The blessing can be an alternative to a traditional baptism or christening and has become popular for couples of different faiths and those who do not have ties to a church. One benefit is the ceremony can be tailored to reflect the parents’ wishes and can be done in the comfort of the family home.

The blessing is a time to celebrate the birth of the child, a gift of God. It’s usually held in the first year and in the presence of family and close friends and may include Godparents. For all who participate this blessing signifies the shared joy and responsibility of nurturing the child.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions:

What about the license?

No matter how beautiful your Las Vegas wedding may be, you’re not married until Reverend Judy signs the Las Vegas Marriage License; so it’s a very important part of the ceremony. The information below will assist you in obtaining the license.

  • There is no blood test and no waiting period.
  • You both must go in person and prove your identity (drivers license, passport, social security number, etc)
  • Cost is $102
  • Address is 201 East Clark Avenue, Las Vegas 89155 - map
  • Phone number is (702) 671-0600
  • Hours: Open 8 to midnight seven days a week including holidays. For more information Click Here
Prior to your ceremony, it is best to make application online at  This will make the process easier once you arrive at the marriage bureau. Both the application and the marriage license are good for one year. The day of your wedding, bring the entire license packet to the ceremony, your wedding officiant will fill out all the paperwork and make sure it gets recorded with local officials after the wedding.

What is the cost of an Officiant?

The average fee for a quality Las Vegas wedding officiant is $200-$600 depending on whom you choose and what’s included. What’s important is that you choose a wedding officiant you feel a connection with, someone who is trustworthy and has great reviews. Reverend Judy charges between $250 and $500 for ceremonies in Las Vegas; there is a small travel fee for Lake Las Vegas, Mount Charleston and the Valley of Fire locations (where a permit is required). The fee includes a phone or in-person consultation, planning tools, customized ceremony script for your approval, performing the ceremony and any rituals you may want plus getting the paperwork recorded with local officials after the ceremony. She will also send you a link when the paperwork has made it’s way through the system and is ready to be ordered online.

How long does it take for the license to be recorded?

It usually takes about a week for the recording to be completed. On holidays, it may take a little longer.

Do we need a rehearsal?

Many couples do find it helpful, especially if it is a large wedding, however the planner or day coordinator will usually handle the rehearsal. Primarily it is about the line-up of the wedding party. You do not repeat your vows at the rehearsal. However, if there are cultural elements & rituals you want included or multiple readers, then it is advised that she attend. There is an additional fee for the rehearsal.

How far ahead do we need to book?

We suggest 10-12 months in order to get your choice of Officiants. As soon as your venue and date have been decided, then book your officiant at the same time you book your photographer and videographer. April and October are generally the busiest months in Las Vegas due to the excellent weather.

Should we meet before the wedding?

You can meet with Reverend Judy if you’d like. Most people feel as if they know her after a phone consultation and seeing and hearing her on the website. It’s the Southern hospitality thing again.

Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely! It is a lovely addition to any ceremony! Just let Reverend Judy know you want to do so and she will give you the opportunity at the appropriate time during the ceremony.

What if it’s just the two of us and we don’t have a witness?

You will need one witness, but not to worry; Reverend Judy can usually find a witness for a small fee.

Where do the rituals usually go?

Traditionally the rose ceremony comes at the beginning after the welcome, or at the end after the pronouncement. The others ceremonies (most commonly sand or unity candle) will come between the vow exchange and the ring exchange. The hand blessing may come before the vows or between the intentions and vows.

What if we are two different faiths?

We can work with this, no problem!

Recent Blog Posts

Las Vegas Wedding Minister - The Marriage License

The Marriage License

Getting a marriage license in Clark County is VERY easy......

# 1 – Make Application

·       Must be purchased in the county you are marrying in; Clark County; it will be legal in your home state or country.

·       Apply at – you will be given a confirmation number. This is good for a year.

·       Upon arrival in Vegas, go to the marriage bureau at 201 E. Clark to pick it up. You must BOTH go with photo ID. Bureau is open 7 days a week from 8 am until midnight.

·       Cost is $102 dollars – half of which goes to victims of domestic violence. Bring it to your ceremony!

# 2 After the Wedding

·       Your officiant will sign, one person will witness, and your documents will be filed within 10 days.

·       Then, it takes about 10-12 business days for the docs to make it through the system and are officially recorded.

·       Once recorded, the officiant will notify you or you can follow the instruction on the pink sheet you received from the marriage bureau. In short, you will go back to, click on Find My Marriage & order online. I’d get at least 2. They will be mailed to you. To change your name, begin with Social Security, then DMV, etc.

* If, for any reason, you need your certificate expedited, please let us know. There is an additional fee.

* If you need an Apostle (verification of signatures) for another country, you can also find this info on @ 


Las Vegas Wedding Minister - Do We Write Our Own Vows?

Do We Write Our Own Vows?

Sometimes couples are sure they want to write their own vows. Sometimes they say, “No, I’ll be too nervous.” Sometimes one person wants to say their own vows and the other wants to ‘repeat after me.’ You know what? Any of the above is okay. If one wants to repeat after me and the other to speak from their own words, I can make that happen without either of you feeling uncomfortable. If you both want to repeat after me, perfect! I even offer you many different examples from which to choose the ‘wording’ that fits you best.
But let’s talk about what if you DO want to write you own vows, which I personally recommend. Your vows are the reason for the ceremony. You will forget many aspects of your wedding but you will never forget the words your beloved spoke on that special day. Now, you may want to review them later or on each anniversary because there will be a lot going on during the ceremony. In which I recommend you buying cute little Vow Books to record your words. You can find them in many places, Etsy, The Art of Etiquette and my fav, the velvet one in the photo above, which is from Elmo Paper Stories.
Your vows will be the heart of your ceremony because they come from your heart. They will serve as the foundation from which your future together will be built. You may write them together or separately, share them before the wedding or for the first time during the ceremony. You may speak about tender and romantic moments as well as share light-hearted and fun stories. You could talk about your values, your faith and your family (whatever is important to you). You may share a favorite poem or a meaningful quote or simple share your promises to your partner and your dreams for your future together. You could talk about someone’s marriage that you admire and why.
The significance and personalization of your vows proclaim your commitment to the other; that of being a team and helping each other grow. Your future is an open book; it’s yours to own and yours to make happen. No one else can write your vows, just as no one else can live your life.
“I want my marriage to be more beautiful than my wedding.” Wedding Wire

Las Vegas Wedding Minister - The Chaos of Covid

The Chaos of Covid

We all know wedding planning is stressful enough on its own, and today it has become additionally challenging with the pandemic. Not knowing what will happen with the virus, not knowing how many people you’ll be allowed to have, not knowing if your family and friends will be comfortable traveling, not knowing if you have to change your date, will the venue still be available, will the photographer, the DJ, the officiant… name it, it’s a concern!  And I promise you all of us in the Vegas wedding market are working together to try and make your day happen for you with the least stress possible!
It HAS been a logistical nightmare, frankly, but still it’s what we are called to do. I’m from the South and was raised in a family where respect & kindness are important. A family where you show up on time, you do what you said you’d do and you give value for dollar received. That’s my promise to you, I will treat you with respect, I will listen and honor your wishes, I will show up for you, I will make sure your marriage docs are filed properly so you can rest assured you are legal (I’m actually rather anal about this part!) And I work with some of the very best vendors in the industry, so I’m comfortable saying they will treat you the same way and work very hard to make your day come off without a hitch!
All vendors must follow protocol, so you may not be able to have as many guests as you’d like, and they may need to wear masks and practice social distancing but you can still have fun. Plated dinners vs. buffets are a safer option. Perhaps each table is treated as it’s on little party and masks come off to eat and dancing takes place beside each table. Your wedding planner and venue coordinator will have several options for you to consider. If its outside wedding, you will also have more options available.
So, how do I treat my portion of the event? I do wear a mask when I meet with you and when I arrive at the venue so that I can greet your family, fill out the paperwork, get it witnessed, etc. But when I walk down the aisle, I take off the mask so you’ll be able to articulate clearly and so you won’t always be reminded of Covid every time you look at your photographs.
Now having said that, there are some really cute wedding masks out there – Bride & Groom, Mr. & Mrs., Mr. & Mr., Mrs. & Mrs. -  in black and white or to match your attire. These can be used for photos and are fun to have. I’m at the stage where I have as many masks as I have shoes at this point!

Wedding Photo by IQ Photo

What if you need to change your date? No problem, if I’m available on your day and time, we’ll just move it over on the calendar. If I’m not, I’ll certainly be disappointed; and I and your team of vendors will offer you other recommendations. I do need to stress locking in your vendors as soon as possible, in order to secure your desired date. So many couples have had to move their event from March, April and May to Fall and winter 2020 and many are opting for 2021. So, sign that contract and make the deposit as soon as you can to lock in your date and time.
Lastly, please think of the positives and don’t dwell on what might not be possible during this time….in the end, you’ll be married and your love is what is most important.

Header Photo by LB Photography

Wedding Venues in Las Vegas where Reverend Judy has performed weddings:

Waldorf Astoria • Hilton Lake Las Vegas • Red Rock Country Club • Siena Golf Club • Revere Golf Club • Mansion 54 • Eldorado Dry Lake Bed • Nelsons Landing • Bellagio • The Four Seasons • Mandarin Oriental • The Venetian • The Palazzo • Mandalay Bay • House of Blues Foundation Room • The Delano • Wynn • Wynn Encore • The Hyatt Regency • The Ritz Carlton • The Cosmopolitan • The Aria • Caesar’s • Vdara • JW Marriott • MGM Grand • The Platinum • The TI • The M Resort • Springs Preserve • Red Rock National Preserve • Red Rock Resort • Hard Rock Hotel & Resort • The Grove • The Suncoast • Boulder Station • Alliante • The Alexis Park • The Palm’s • The Tropicana • 2810 Mansion • The Quad Hotel & Casino • Canyon Gate County Club • Dragon Ridge Country Club • Bear’s Best Golf Club • Angel Park Golf Club • TPC Summerlin Golf Club • Black Mountain Golf Club • Tule Springs (Floyd Lamb Park) • The Westin Lake Las Vegas • Aston MonteLago Village • Mount Charleston • Valley of Fire

Plus many restaurants, timeshare suites, specialty venues and private homes

See photos here


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